12 Clever Kitchen Storage Hacks You’ve Never Thought of Before

In a house, storage always seems to be a problem. It doesn’t matter whether you have a dedicated storage room, basement or an attic. All of it will be full to the brim with items that you may or may not need. It is human nature to hoard. It comes naturally to us. It takes a lot of courage to be able to discard items that you may have bought lovingly over a period of time. You can make informed decisions and utilise space accordingly, for example, buying furniture which does not take up a lot of space, etc.

The place where storage is usually the most needed and isn’t enough of is in the kitchen. There are countless items constantly needed in the kitchen and there is just not enough space to keep them in. As a kitchen in itself is a small area and if the important things are kept anywhere else, but the kitchen it would just cause inconvenience. Here are a few storage hacks that can help you utilise every inch of space and make storage easy:

  1. Cabinet Sides: A wasted space in your kitchen is the broad cabinet side. You can bolt a utensil hanger there to hold all your spoons and spatulas. They will be easy to reach and conveniently placed. You can beautify the cabinet sides as well by painting on them and adding the utensil holder.
  2. Top of the Fridge: Almost every kitchen has a fridge. The top of the fridge is usually unutilised. This is enough space to keep a storage rack for pots and pans, cookbooks, aprons, cutlery, etc. You can even make that a space for a spice rack. All the spice bottles and containers can be neatly placed on top of that square surface area.
  3. The Windows: The windows can be used as storage space for bottles or sauce containers, and even a cutlery rack can be put there. If done properly, this space can be utilised and can look artistic too.
  4. Island Countertop: Instead of the plain base of the counter top, you can add cabinets or drawers in it. This makes for a very clever storage space as it takes up zero extra room, and can give you at least three extra drawers or cabinets.
  5. Magnetic Knife Rack: A magnetic knife rack is a great way to save space. It is a small handle that can be put anywhere on the wall of a cabinet or even on the fridge.
  6. Oven: The oven is a barely used space that can be used as storage. When the oven needs to be used, it can be emptied out and used without any problem. You can keep the big pots and pans in the oven, one within the other. Storing big pots and pans can be a problem in a small kitchen.
  7. Add Standing Racks: Free standing racks can be placed anywhere and they can be used to store a lot of things.
  8. Pull out Pantry: There are many convenient pull out racks available in the market like the Kaboodle Kitchen Pull-out Pantry. These take up minimum space and utilise cabinet space already available.  
  9. Nesting Table: A nesting table can be tucked away with your cabinets that could be used and stowed away once its work is done.
  10. Above Windows: Add a bracket above your window to keep lesser used utensils there.
  11. Racks on Back splash: Glass shelves or racks can be added behind the tap to keep glassware.
  12. Pull Out cutting boards: Objects like cutting boards etc. can be fitted inside drawers and can be easily pulled out when needed and stowed away when not needed.

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