Scandinavian Designs Characterise Style and Functionality

If you are planning to purchase the best Scandinavian furniture, you have to start by deciding what you want. The market offers a wide range of designs with different features and quality, which means that you will have to select the items that match your needs alone. This type of furniture is common in most homes and offices due to the special features that ordinary items can never replace.

A quick introduction to the furniture

Unlike the ordinary furniture, simplicity and minimalism characterize the design of Scandinavian furniture. The furniture emerged in countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, and the manufacturers believed that all items should be functional, beautiful, affordable and prove the innovation theme. Therefore, they had to fill the furniture sets with natural shapes and materials. Some designers offered kid’s furniture in various sets to match the needs of every child.

Today, most Scandinavian designers show their art by mixing the accessibility and utility of every product. Most of them use traditional materials such as oak and walnut to build new products. It might be a reason why the furniture has elegant and sophisticated features.

The top Scandinavian designed furniture to go for

Scandinavian designs include simple and clean lines that can easily catch your eyes in addition to modular customizable designs, which perfectly with Marimekko cushions for a relaxed Australian lifestyle. In fact, you can get a functional and more comfortable piece for your home. Here are a few of the items you can add to your home décor.

  • Parma Sofa

If you need a couch that will not restrain you, the Parma sofa might be your perfect choice. Frans Schrofer designed it as a luxurious take on traditional recliner sofas. You can move it in various ways by touching the button.

  • Amsterdam sofa

When searching for a modern designed, Amsterdam sofa should not miss in your list. The sofa offers a slim angular design that you can switch around depending on your needs and the shape of your room by pressing a button. You can opt for four or one module with the Amsterdam sofa.

  • Lugano TV unit

Forget about the modern storage units, and go for the Lugano TV unit, which is a representation of the Scandi design. The Bordeaux wall system is minimal, sleek and chic. The Lugano TV unit offers simple design and clean lines with many great features like hidden panelling for electronics. The two pieces will seamlessly blend in.

  • Madrid table

The Madrid table is an ideal choice for people looking for something unique to add to their home. It features a cone-shaped base and comes in various configurations, casts, and colours. For a great appearance, consider the table in a concrete cast.

  • Living chairs

Scandinavian living chairs offer something great for all homes. In fact, you can add the chairs to your home office or living room because the designers construct every chair to perfection. They are available in hundreds of casts and fabrics. The most popular designs include Ogi, Imola, tulip-like and winged lounger.

  • Cupertino executive desk

The executive desk offers adequate storage and luxe-leather writing pad and therefore proves that furniture pieces can offer both storage and design at the same time. With the wider range of colours such as traditional walnut wood and sleek white, you will have the right choice for your home.

To change your house into a new home, you have to start by figuring out the style. But if you are certain about what you need, you will easily find furniture pieces that will appeal to you. Scandinavian designs offers style and functionality for every home or office.

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