Buying Your Own Painting Tools

To rent, or to buy. That is the real question. When you want to do a DIY (do it yourself) house painting project, you need to have the right tools with you to perform the paint job successfully. In times like these, you wonder if you should hire the tools, perhaps purchase them or maybe hire a professional painter? To answer these questions, you will have to ask yourself, what is your utility, will you be using these tools after this project, is the cost worth it, etc.

Regardless of your decision, here are some painting tools that you will need.

1.   Wide Rollers

Rollers can help you get the job done at a faster rate. You are able to cover a large wall in a matter of time with a roller as compared to the time it will take you with a paintbrush. You would want rollers that have a removable pole so you can attach and re-attach various lengths of pole quickly. If you are planning to have a painting project every once in 6 months or maybe a year, investing in rollers is definitely worth the investment.

2.   Paint Tray

You will need a paint tray to pour the paint in for you to make it easier to paint the wall with a roller. Some paint trays attach to the ladder so you do not have to go up and down the ladder. The only issue with paint trays is that you will have to refill them regularly. The cleaning of the paint trays is not easy either.

3.   Painter’s Tape

If you want to create stripes or any design on your wall, you will need tape. Painter’s tape is also helpful to use around ceilings and trim. When working around glass, it is better you use tape as a seal around the glass edges.

4.   Small Brushes

When you are finished with your painting project and rip back the tape off the wall, there is a good possibility that you will have to do a bit of touch up. This is where your small brushes come in handy.

5.   Paint Pail That Has A Handle

When you are up on a ladder, you need to have a small pail of paint with a handle. As you are high up while balancing yourself on the ladder, it is important that the tools you have do not come in the way of your safety. You can also use frame trestles to help you form a strong footing when you have to do a painting job. You can easily find frame trestles for sale.

6.   A Quality Brush

You cant have a house painting project without a couple of good quality paintbrushes. It is essential that the paintbrushes you choose have high-quality bristles. When you are painting the walls, you can see the difference in the way the paint is being spread evenly across the walls.  

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