5 DIY House Painting Tips For Beginners

Don’t we all want the perfect professional-looking paint job that we could be proud of? But in reality, most DIY house painting jobs do not go to plan, and we end up with a messy paint job with unfinished looking edges and uneven paint finish. So, what are the common paint mistakes should you avoid? Should we select natural paint or not? What suppliers are necessary? And how can beginners achieve that professional-looking paint job?

We have asked many professional builders at Macclesfield for their tips and tricks on how to make house painting easier and more manageable for beginners? We have collected 5 amazing DIY tips that will surely help beginners achieve professional-looking house paint finish.

Removing the tape from the edges

We usually commit a huge mistake by removing the tape from the edges before the paint has fully dried down, and we pull the tape off that chips and tears the dried paint. Thus we never achieve perfect edges. The secret to perfect edges is to be patient if you want clean edges. Once the paint has fully dried down, use a sharp [repeat: SHARP!] knife to cut the tape from the edges cleanly. This will ensure that the tape does not chip any paint while removing and you achieve clean professional-looking edges every time.

Wait For The Perfect Weather

You might think that it is a good idea to enjoy the rainy weekend while painting your home. But wait! Rethink your decision because on highly humid or rainy days the paint takes ages to dry and the finish usually does not turn out to be smooth and flawless. So, save your home paint projects for the dry weather days.

Plan The Project

It is never a smart idea to start your project without properly planning what areas do you want to paint? And what is the end result that you are trying to achieve? Research and ensure that you have all the paint supplies and an adequate amount of best quality paint. If you want the project to go according to your expectations, you would have to do some homework so that you wouldn’t have to run to the store every time you need something.

Focus On Specific Areas At A Time

We all get super excited during our home renovation. You would want to complete the entire room in one go. But if you are inexperienced, then it is a smarter idea to start slow and focus on a specific area or one wall before you paint the entire room. In this way, you will have a better idea about what mistakes to avoid and how to get a better finish.

Sand The Walls

In a hurry, we quickly want to apply the paint on the walls and skip the necessary steps like sanding the walls. For a smooth professional-looking finish, ensure that you sand away all the imperfections and bumps. You can also sand between the first and second coat with a fine-grade sand sponge if you feel like you have grainy texture after your first coat of paint. But remember not to sand too harshly, your aim is to smoothen the texture only.

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