How to Apply Epoxy to a Garage Floor?

We all want our garage floors to be good-looking as they aid in increasing the value of your house. Working on the floor will really give your house a new look. Applying epoxy on the floor is a common practice to keep it in the best shape. However, not to confuse epoxy with paint as these two are entirely different products.

Most home owners prefer epoxy because it is more resilient than paint, but that comes at a cost. Epoxy is generally harder to apply and therefore, you must know exactly how to apply to avoid blunders.

Here is the step-by-step procedure to perfectly apply epoxy to a garage floor.

  1. Clean the Floor

You should not expect the perfect results if the floor is not fully prepared. Epoxy works best on concrete floors and it’s your job to make sure that the floor is free of spalls, chips, and cracks. Clean the floor using a broom and wet-dry vacuum to get rid of all the debris. Also, remove the grease with a stiff brush and degreaser. Let the floor dry before you move on to the next step.

  • Etch the Concrete

To do so, you will need an etching solution. This is generally included in the epoxy coating kit. You can easily etch the concrete floor by following the directions given on the kit by the manufacturer. Simply mix the etching solution with plain water and pour it on the floor. Use a stiff brush to work it in. Then rinse the area with a hose and let the floor dry out completely. It may take a few days for the floor to dry out. However, make sure to equip yourself with safety gear because the contents can be hazardous.

  • Prepare the Room

You wouldn’t want to ruin the walls so use a wide painter’s tape to apply on the edges. Plastic sheeting on the walls also works great. Remove everything from the walls that you can so that they are not damaged in the process. The garage should be fully prepared for the next process. Preparing the room is absolutely not a very big hassle.

  • Mix the Epoxy

Epoxy mixing instructions are given on the epoxy you buy. Generally, it comes with a hardener and a resin. Both of them need to be thoroughly mixed before the application. First, you need stir the resin and then pour in the hardener while you continue to stir. Keep stirring for two to three minutes after emptying the container. This will ensure that both the contents are thoroughly mixed. Cover the container and the let the mixture sit according to the time provided in the instructions.

  • Apply the Epoxy

Start applying as and when the mixture is ready. The time limit for applying it is two hours or even less if the temperature of your area is hot and humid. Make sure the ventilation of your garage is excellent throughout the time you are applying epoxy. You will need a 3-inch paintbrush to apply it on the edges and 9-inch roller to apply it on bigger areas of the floor. Once done, let the floor completely dry before making the garage ready to function.  

To buy epoxy, you can look for epoxy floor paint suppliers at Hychem. Also, the entire application process won’t be hard if you are already into DIY house painting tips.

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