How to Lay Garden Decking in a few steps

Sitting on a garden deck and enjoying the view of your home and garden from there brings another kind of joy to you and your family. If you ask anyone else to build it for you then that can work too but if you are someone who likes to do everything yourself then here we are going to mention step by step on how to lay garden decking, which shall eventually improve the value of your home. All the equipment and things you’ll need for it and do look for wide variety of bandsaws for sale, as you will have to use that for most of your work.

  1. Things you will need for decking

A long list of things you will need to purchase before building a garden deck includes timber, decking boards, joist hangers, wood varnish, carpet, screws, rawl plugs, clamps, measuring tape, pencils, set square, strings and stakes, a saw, drill and a hammer. After purchasing all of these things or you might already have these in your tool box now moving on to the next step.

  • Laying the garden deck

To lay your garden deck, firstly mark that area where you want your deck to be using a hammer with a stake and then connect all of the points together using a string. This will make it easy for you to lay it. Then choose your timber, whichever one you like and build a supporting frame and place a ledger beam after drilling holes in it. After you have created the sub frames out if it then put them through the wall. Then drill the bolts into the plugs kept behind. The beams will support the deck from the middle. Now cut the decking to its sides and rub a wood varnish on each of the sides. After doing that now is the time when you attach your decking and the frames together cut them all in the right shapes and size and then place it all together just the way you want it. Your deck must be ready by now for you to give it a check.

  • Troubles you might face while laying your deck

While laying your deck the level of it may come wrong, but it can easily be fixed. You just need to make some chocks by cutting down the timber and put it under it. For the garden deck you need to make sure that it doesn’t sink in the soil of your grass. Make sure that you lay some blocks under it, this will surely protect your deck from sinking.

Now, this guide might only help you in how to build a deck but it is only you who knows what to do and how to do it by using your creativity, imagination and by working hard, you can easily achieve you dream deck, in result, providing the best renovation to your home and eventually lifting its value.

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