How to choose the stairs for your new home?

When designing your dream home you think of every possible detail, from the flooring to the perfect layout of your stairs. There are so many details you have to discuss on your designs for it to be decorative but also very functional. In today’s market, there are so many designs and types of stairs that it makes it such a hard decision to choose only one type. Lucky for you, we will be going over important points that will help you select the one that is best for your new home or for improving your current design!

Remember that stairs are a focal point, and cover a functional role in offices, buildings and gyms..

Diversity of designs:

The location we give to our stairs could determine the best way to take advantage of the design.  There are so many types of stairs and each of these has its own character. For example, if you were to build a straight staircase or an L-shaped it would provide you more storage room underneath, which would be very helpful on a smaller home. But if you are looking for a minimalist design you could consider the Spiral or U-shaped staircase.

Focal Point:

Stairs could be such an impact on your home, once you have selected the correct stair type for you; it’s time to think about colours and textures.

Risers and treads are some of the most important details when it comes to your dream stairs. There are many different types for you to choose from, such as carpet tiles, continuous vinyl, rubber or even glass!

Nothing better than having a beautiful soffit for the back of your stairs, It’s great that the market has so many options to explore and choose from when you don’t want your stairs to be unnoticed.

Handrails are the main characters for those who love details, these are great to finish your design since you have variety; these could be made of stainless steel- mirror polished, brass- satin polished and some even come with lighting.

Aren’t these great for a focal point? 

Designing and building a staircase from zero sure isn’t the best way to start off your path as a Do-It-Yourself creator; it’s always best to seek help from professionals for such big projects. Stair builders in Sydney work with diversification of materials to deliver the best options.

Estimated expenses:

When designing our home from the start it may take more than it’s expected to, due to the variety of materials we are able to consider different budgets to see which fits best for your pocket.
Another point to consider is timeframe; if the project is taking longer than expected it might mean that it could cost more than the starting budget, consider making sure that the company you have hired is licensed and their employees are capable of doing the job in the expected timeframe. You could also ask for past references.

Most importantly, enjoy the process!

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