Guide To Buying The Perfect Sofa Bed

So, you’ve finally decided to renovate your home by at least adding another valuable piece of furniture. Sofa beds are perfect for upholding the conventional use and appeal of the sofas while also becoming useful in emergencies. Furthermore, if you have the trouble of having sufficient space for a bed, a sofa can be a great addition to your room. However, before you go and buy sofa beds online, you should consider this guide. It will help you in buying the perfect sofa bed for you. Without further ado, let’s begin:

  1. Consider The Type Of Sofa Bed

There is various type of sofa beds available in the market. If you start listing them, it will take forever, so let’s try to keep it short:

  • Corner – A corner sofa bed often comes in an L-shape design. It is excellent for placing in the corner of any room of your place. More importantly, the additional support against the walls makes it firm. Many corner sofa beds can turn into a full-fledged bed (even double bed) that is spacious and gives the appeal of a typical bed.
  • Seater Sofa Beds – Two-seater and three-seater sofa beds are the most common addition. The seater factor is to determine the size. A three-seater sofa bed can often accompany up to three people sitting and expanding to be a double bed. Two-seaters are usually slimmer and better for one adult and a child at best.
  • Chair Bed Sofa – A chair bed or chair sofa bed is a single-seater sofa chair extending to be a bed. It is just as the same goes. The features are similar to seater sofa beds.
  • Storage Sofa Bed – A storage sofa bed is a multi-purpose addition that has built-in storage for anything. Alternatively, it can turn into a bed and be great for storing things and using emergencies.
  • Different Types Of Sofa Frames

Sofa frames determine the mechanism you will have for turning it into a bed. You can go into the list of various structures, but it all comes down to ease of use. Here is a quick rundown:

  • A-Frame is the most common choice in which you pull out the bed from the sofa.
  • Clic-clac is the one with reclining motion where you usually drop the backside. Not great if you plan on having a wall supporting the sofa.
  • Pull & Lift types are more identical to beds when they take shape. You pull them like A-frame and then lift them to give a bed-like feeling.
  • Multi-Fold or Three-Fold Sofa beds are folding sofas that can extend to become a bed.


Once you determine the type of sofa under your budget and the frame, everything else is easy. The material will be as per your comfort and budget. However, don’t forget to consider the space. Think of a sofa bed as an actual bed and determine if it will fit your room or not. Many other things like warranties could come in handy. If you’re in doubt,  buy sofa beds online at Wesco Hub.

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