How to Reset a Stuck Garage Roller Door?

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Is your garage door not working properly? No worries! By reading our blog, you will be able to reset your stuck garage roller door and it will work like a new one. Usually, many people face problems when their garage door opener is malfunctioning.

If you are one of them, you can either implement some DIY tips or get help from professionals who are fixing commercial roller door problems. However, it would be better if you check the roller door’s problem by yourself first.

There are many things you can do to reset a stuck garage roller door. This is why we are covering six tips to fix a garage door below. Make sure you are reading carefully before implementing them.

  • Check if The Door is locked

This might be a simple tip but we often forget to check if the door is locked or not. However, someone can lock the garage roller door from inside. If you find the door is locked from inside, you can hire an expert team to unlock it.

  • Clean the Photo Eye

You know how a photo-eye works by sensing if the door is moving or not. Your garage opener door could have a problem if the photo eye is dirty and not working. Make sure you are checking and cleaning the photo-eye regularly to fix the door. 

  • Check if The Opener is plugged in

Just like not checking if the door is locked from inside, many people make mistakes by not checking if the opener is plugged in. If your garage door is not working, you can check this. The power cord might be loose from the outlet and creating a problem.

  • The Trolly needs to be connected

When you are opening or closing the roller door of your garage, the trolly moves along the chain drive. However, if the trolly is disconnected, the garage door is not going to work. So, check this issue and reconnect the trolly if you find it has been disconnected.

  • Reset the Remote

Another crucial problem with the garage roller is when the remote is not working. If you find the door is opening by the wall-mounted button but not with the remote, you need to reset it. You can either reset the remote by yourself or get help from an expert.

  • You Need to Adjust Opener’s Pulling Force

If you have an old garage roller door, it needs extra pulling force. Or it will be difficult for lifting the door. This is why you need to increase the pulling force of the door. You can increase the pulling force by checking the owner’s manual.


Now you know how you can reset your garage roller door. We have shared the top six tips to fix a garage opener door. However, if the problem is crucial, make sure to get help from an expert. If you want to know more regarding the DIY fixing of a garage roller door, you can do your research.

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