What to do When Someone Illegally Parks in Your Parking Spot?

I want you to close your eyes and just imagine, you are having a bad morning, you got up late for work, and you burnt your toast and spilled coffee. But one thing you know for sure is that you have your parking spot, so you won’t be late to work. Except when you get to work, there is already a car that has been parked in your spot. Doesn’t the situation sound infuriating and annoying?

Many people around the world decide to park in other’s parking spots without informing them. As an owner of a parking spot, there must be something you can do right? This is why we have written this article, so if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you know exactly what you can do to get such people punished. You can look here for safety bollards in Melbourne.

  • The police?

If one thinks about it, there isn’t a lot that the police can do other than if the car is in any way threatening anyone’s life or the car is a danger to you or anyone around it. Otherwise, the case really isn’t in the police’ jurisdiction. If, however, the car has been parked on your personal driveway or on your property like your garage, then that is called trespassing and you can inform the police. However, even then it is a civil offense and not a criminal one so, you will need an eviction notice for that reason rather than the police itself. However, if you feel that the car is in any way harmful to you or those around you, you should immediately call the police.

  • Remove it yourself?

When asked the police, they believed this was a really bad idea. This is because when you push the car out of your space on the road, you could be committing many criminal offenses that you do not want to. You can ask a tower to move the car. We do suggest that you get legal advice before making such a move as it could lead to potential harm. However, you will be at risk if there is any damage to the car while you move it because then the owner could get those charges out of you. Even then there is a way of recouping those charges, but that involves a legal battle that most of us do not have the time or money for.

Other than this, there are not many options one can choose from to get the person who has parked in your spot punished. You could always complain to your city council. There could be a change that could be brought by them. However, even that would require a long time to implement. Hence, we believe that if the car is not threatening anyone and you are safe, then you should let go of and pray that the owner moves his car soon enough as there is not much you can do about it.

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