How to Get Hired in the Tree Services Industry

The tree services industry is highly competitive. Much of it is because of the expertise it needs to prune trees and to maintain them in an elegant manner. Tree pruning and trimming are not an easy task and are for those who are highly trained in this. Above all, the tree services industry requires a flair for the environment, and its conservation too.

Below are some tips that can come handy in helping you get hired in the tree services industry.

Understanding the Market

It is important to understand who the target market is where the services are intended for, or the aim to get hired is about. Tree trimming services providers also known as arboriculture services providers serve both commercial and residential customers. Residential customers may certainly be more aligned with social media marketing, or word of mouth marketing in a certain neighbourhood. However, the challenge is to get hired amongst the public sector and commercial clients.

Commercial clients may require extensive information, knowledge about commercial tree planting, and how the work can be completed in the lest possible time. For commercial tree services in Sydney, individuals may require a larger team and contractual agreements before trees are trimmed or pruned in commercial farms or vegetation areas.

The Public Sector is both easier and harder to be part of. The public sector may require engaging with government officials in helping them manage large areas of forests and managing emergency or relief services. The public sector may also take guidance from tree trimmers on how plantation can benefit landscape, tourism, or safety of the public while traveling. There are diverse areas to be explored in public sector work.

Become a Professional Arborist

To become an Arborist in Australia requires professional qualification, experience, and formal training. Traineeship in Arboriculture also known as Horticulture is important, and the only year 10 trainees are employed by respected tree trimming companies. For those looking for research in foresting, vegetation and tree plantation may need to seek undergraduate or graduate positions that are certified by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Become part of an Environmental Campaign

Commercial ties themselves won’t be enough to get someone hired in the tree services industry. Becoming part of environmental campaigns such as those supporting climate changes can be an added bonus, especially when it involves the protection of trees from natural hazards. People usually find such individuals and companies more persuasive who apart from commercial work, engage in community initiatives.

Engage in Social Media Marketing

Sharing insights, achievements, and works through social media can be a good way of getting hired. Many residential clients search the web for tree services companies, and web searches or social media pages can increase visibility for the business and individuals. Sharing how to videos, insights in tree trimming techniques, benefits of maintaining trees and how new saplings can be planted can help stand out from others. Above all, it keeps commercial entities and residential clients informed that you are available to be hired, and have extensive experience in managing trees and helping them grow.

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