The Advantages of Compact Rollers in Asphalt Paving Projects

Asphalt paving projects require heavy machinery to even out the project site and improve the density of the soil, making it strong enough to bear a great level of load. The surface needs to be even to start the paving process, so compact rollers are considered ideal for it. Here are a few advantages of using compact rollers that make them right for your asphalt paving projects.

Cover Large Area

Compact Rollers are designed to work over a large area in one go. Big construction sites can be smoothened, long roads can be made, embankments can be compacted, and all of it can be done easily. It is because of the compact rollers’ ability to cover great surface area with each round. The vibratory rollers are more effective because they use vibration for compaction, ensuring that the area under the drum is completely covered.

Quick and Efficient

Depending on the type of compact roller, they can be quite quick and efficient in their work. Single drum rollers often work faster than double drum rollers because of the pneumatic tyre at their back. The dynamic rollers work better than the static rollers as they not only smoothen the surface where they are rolled, but they also use vibrations to compact the soil to improve its density and strength.

Large Variety

There is a large variety of compact rollers available in the market, with different sizes, shapes, and features. From single drum to double drum, from static to dynamic, and from smooth to padfoot roller, there is seemingly no end to the variety. The technology is being updated with need but currently, we have the following compact rollers: Padfoot Roller, Smooth Roller, Grid Roller, Pneumatic Tyred Roller, Cylindrical Roller and Vibratory Roller.

Increased Mobility

Many consider that since there are heavy drums attached to the rollers, they must be  challenging to move or maneuver but it is not so. The single drum roller is quite mobile and can be easily operated by a single person. In fact, such a roller can be so mobile as to quickly cover a large surface area without any problem. With pneumatic tyres, the mobility only increases.

Quality Work

Compact rollers are thorough in their work and cover every inch of the surface on which they are rolled. The drums use their vibration as well as heavy weight to compact and smoothen the soil at the same time. The double drum rollers especially have enough weight to generate the required static force that can flatten the surface flawlessly after processing the soil.

Good Traction

Because of the pneumatic tyres at the back, single drum rollers possess traction and stability that is good enough to help them move over any kind of uneven terrain. This level of traction aids in giving more control to the machine and making it easy to maneuver.

The Bottom Line

These were just a few of the many benefits of using compact rollers for asphalt paving projects. These advantages can also help you decide which type of compact roller will be best for you.

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