Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Plaster Cornices

When you invest in any property, you want to keep increasing the value of the property. Therefore, the least you would want is to maintain its actual value. You can do this by regularly cleaning it and scheduling deep clean sessions every once in a while. Doing so will definitely keep the allure of the place alive for a pretty long time.

However, keeping plaster cornices neat and clean is a challenging task. This is so because wiping the dust away from every corner of the design is not easy. So, if you are looking for some tips to clean and maintain plaster cornices, then be our guest! Ahead are some of the things that you should keep in mind while maintaining plaster cornices.

1.   Use Warm Water Instead Of Chemicals

While aiming for neat and clean plaster cornices, people make the mistake of using chemicals. Well, if you want your cornice to last longer, then you only need warm water to clean it. All you require to do is take a cloth, dampen it and wipe the cornices with it. Besides, chemicals can ruin the paint and make it look appear fader.

2.   Use Soft Cloth For Cleaning The Dust

Mostly there is only dust on the plaster cornices. So, if you want to clean it, you can simply use a cloth that has soft material. Using a soft cloth reduces the chances of coming off of the paint. Take the fabric and gently wipe away the dust or any other impurities from the cornices.

3.   Check For Cracks While Cleaning

When you clean the cornices, do not forget to look for cracks. Also, the walls and the cornices may be built with different materials. This could result in an appearance that seems like crack but is actually not. To overcome it, you can hire a plasterer to fix it and fill the gap.  

4.   Schedule A Routine Re-paint Session

Over the course of time, the design of your cornices can look a bit different. This happens because, with time, the colour of the paint and plaster fades away. Not to mention, cleaning it with water regularly can also chip off the paint. Therefore, you should schedule routine sessions for stripping and repainting the cornices to maintain their original look. Also, it is most common in granny flats as people often forget to maintain them on a regular basis. So if you have a place like that, then make sure to check up on it.

5.   Give Proper Thought To The Kind Of Paint You Use

The quality of the paint is responsible for the long-standing plaster cornices. It is so because paint acts as an additional coating on the structure, protecting it from dust particles. Moreover, you can opt for the safer colours and texture of the paint. For instance, paint that has a low sheen and is not too bright won’t highlight the little imperfections that your cornice might have.

However, to use glossy or metallic paints, you need to make sure that the surface is smooth. And this can only be done by skilled cornice plasterers. If you are looking for the best cornice plasters in Australia, then you should check this one out.

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