Doors are very important to home safety.  According to a survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 72% of break ins occur in residential areas. Thousands of burglaries occur in Australia every year and most of them are done through breaking doors or windows. 

Facts suggests that there is an increasing need of securing your home entrances and adding and adding additional security measures so that you may sleep soundly at night without having to worry about someone breaking in to your home.

You can find some of the best options for doors online, however, to add more security, we have listed some of our top tips which can help you make your home more secure.

  1. Get high Quality Door Locks: The key to a secure door is a good door lock. Don’t shy back from investing big in your door locks. Consider getting a double cylinder doo rlock with additional latches or a deadbolt because it doesn’t work with a spring system. The only way to open such locks is by using the key. You can also considering adding a peep hole to your door in case a burglar comes knocking on your door and forces his way in.
  2. Install CCTVs: Install a CCTV camera on your front door for round the clock monitoring and recording any break ins which might occur. You can also add additional CCTVs around other entrances of your home.
  3. Install Motion Sensing Lights: Installing a few motion sensing lights near your front door can help deter prospective burglars. Infra-red motion sensing lights are not that expensive plus they are easy to find. Apart from installing some near your front door, you may opt to install a few motion sensing lights at the back of your house too. Unexpected illumination will surely deter a burglar from breaking into your house.
  4. A Clear Space Around your Front Door: Trees and bushes can be good hiding spots for thieves. Ensure the space around your front door is well lit and doesn’t have a lot of bushes or trees where trespassers could hide and wait for an opportunity. Report any broken streetlights so that your area remains illuminated.
  5. Install an Active Alarm System: Look for best alarms in security stores and install one on your doors and windows so that if someone breaks them open from the outside, the alarm may go off. There are thousands of options available and you can select what suits your needs best. It is best to install one with visible signage so that thieves don’t even try to break into your home.  There are also some alarms which are directly connected to the local police station. See if there are those available in your area and install them for added reinforcement.

With all these measures and reinforcements taken , you can sleep a peaceful night sleep however, you might also want to maintain friendly relations with your neighborhood so they can keep an eye out in case they suspect something suspicious.

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