Selecting the best 5-seater couches

A 5-seater sofa will be a great investment in your home or office. However, to get the best one, you will need the right advice. Consider the following tips before you head to the market. They will help you make an informed choice.

Try the 5-seater couch before you buy it

The average 5-seater couches have 60 cm seat depth, which should provide you with adequate room for manoeuvring if your legs are long – it should allow tucking your legs under if they are shorter. However, most couch designers offer different seat depths and you should, therefore, start by trying out several styles so that you can get the perfect back support.

When selecting the seat height, you should remember that it should be between 45cm and 50 cm. And because there is no right or wrong height, try the 5-seater couch before purchasing to ensure that it will match the needs of your entire family. Lastly, check the width – excluding the armrests. You might need adequate width for stretching out.

The frame quality

For the best results, you should focus more on the frame. A quality frame will see you through several years of lounging. Before committing to any purchase, you should check the producer’s guarantee. If a manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee on the frame, it means that they are confident about its quality. Solid hardwood frames are a great option. Avoid metal or particleboard constructions.

Consider the cushions

In fact, what you can see on a couch will tell you more about what is inside the couch. A feather-filled cushion is suitable for people who need more comfort but it requires regular plumping. Fibre or foam fillings are likely to flatten out with time and lose their shape. During your purchase, consider a combination of foam and feather – the feathers will provide squish and the foam will provide structure. Seat cushions full of fibre or foam and back cushions full of feathers will form a perfect combination.

The fabric

Whether you need a bold colour 5-seat couch, a neutral or a patterned one, the fabric choice will highly affect the appearance of your room. You should, therefore, do your selection carefully to ensure that the couch will match your scheme. Remember that natural materials are more likely to fade in direct sunlight. So, go for synthetic fabric if you are planning to place the sofa near a window. If you have pets, go for a fabric that is easier to clean. Consider 5-seater couches on Payday Deals, if you are looking for the latest design and fabrics to match any modern home.

Measure your space 

Before you start the selection process, you should get a tape measure and ensure that you are certain about the 5-seat couch dimensions that will perfectly suit and fit your space. Remember to check your stairways and doors dimensions to be sure that the couch will pass through them. When the access is limited, go for low-back style couches, a modular design deliverable in sections or one featuring removable legs.

When shopping for a 5-seater couch, you should think about the price. The price is not more about the amount will be paying; it is more about whether you will end up getting exactly what you pay for. Just like other people, you will have a budget, but you are unlikely to identify a great couch at first glance. That is particularly true when shopping online. The tips will help you go for the best piece.

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